The hoodie has become a popular political target after decades of routine drudgery. In the 1930s, the company now known as Champion Athletic Apparel began producing them to keep football players warm on the bench, also bringing hoodies into the business from working-class men who operated backhoe loaders, cherry pickers and forklifts – the forefathers of boys’ style. , which occupy the upper rows, with helmets turned back.

Hoodies, with a print 1

But the hoodie didn’t get enough attention until B-boys, graffiti artists, and breakdancers loved it in the 80s. Youth culture has done the work of dragging it from the realm of sportswear, where clothing exists to enhance performance, into the world of streetwear, where clothing itself is performance. Before the release of the 1990 music video “Mama Said Knock You Out,” LL Cool J styled himself as a boxer in his corner, lips visible under a hood that shielded his eyes, the hoodie making its transformation into a style staple.

Like their suburban peers, bundled up on BMX bikes or skateboarding in Thrasher magazine logo sweatshirts, the hip-hop generation of kids found the sweatshirt suitable for the essential teenage job of taking up space and dramatizing themselves. There was and is the theater of the hood: pulling it up, pulling it down to settle into its energetic slouch. A hoodie masks a dirty look, hides pimples and worries, masks headphones in the study hall, provides a shelter of loneliness that’s enough for an autonomous kingdom. And while the hoodie plays with the visual rhetoric of menace as its oversight, it is the heir to a tradition of teenage dressing that stretches back to the birth of the teenager, when he arrived in full leather jacket and blue jeans.

Those who love them and have used all the functionality of a hoodie, know very well how well it can complement your autumn outfit. Today, a hoodie is a very fashionable and popular thing, it combines comfort and the latest fashion trends. The color can be from the brightest to calm pastel shades, with or without a print.

We publish types of hoodie styling and image options on our Instagram.

As for the application, it can be of different techniques:

  • direct digital;
  • thermal transfer;
  • silk screen;
  • flexo printing;
  • embroidery.

If you have already chosen a hoodie, then you definitely need to make an interesting and creative application. If you already have a ready-made layout, then send it to us and we will print it, if you only have an idea, then our designer will develop a layout just for you, with your requirements. Therefore, you can visit our office: str. Turivska 4 (Kyiv, Podil, Tarasa Shevchenko) and we will definitely help you.

Also, our company has a tailoring manager who will be able to sew the hoodie you want, the style that will suit you 100%. So, everything that you came up with in your head – we implement! Choose your manager and work directly with him. A hoodie is always an interesting addition to your bow, so it should be in your wardrobe.