How to create a good custom branded cap design

Custom merch is a good way to promote your brand. A good way to promote your brand is to create a custom embroidered cap. The amazing thing is that creating a custom cap with your image or logo has never been easier than it is now! At Singleprint – where we pride ourselves on creating custom prints to bring your ideas to life.

Why caps are a good option for marketing your brand

If your caps are part of your company uniform, they can be a great addition to show your brand recognition. Mainly because the caps are clearly visible at eye level, where people are likely to notice them. Moreover, promotional products become an opportunity for wide awareness of your brand. Also, a cap can become someone’s main wardrobe. Thus creating endless possibilities for brand visibility in just one cap. But how to create a good branded cap?
How to create a good custom branded cap design 1

Choose a type of headdress

We always have three types of styles in different colors in our warehouse: tracker with mesh, five-blade, snapback. All of them have a unisex style and one universal size with the possibility of adjustment.

If you have unique wishes regarding the style, color combination, etc., we will be happy to fulfill your order in a run. We told you how to order individual tailoring here.

Be simpler

Compared to digital t-shirt printing, embroidery is a more complex process. By its nature, a cap takes up less space and you only need to use a few colors in the embroidery process. Complex projects will definitely be more difficult to implement. That’s why we recommend keeping the design simple and what’s more, conciseness is on trend right now. When you keep your logo or design minimal (if you need help – Singleprint provides design services), it will be clear enough to stand out and easy to understand. This also ensures that your design will be embroidered successfully.
You can also use the thermal transfer method.

Choose colors carefully

Your design will be stunning! But keep in mind that the number of colors you can use is limited depending on your design. Make sure you think about how the colors will complement each other if you choose multiple colors. The simpler the design and the fewer colors you use, the more effective it is.


So you’ve got a great concept, slogan, and want to share it with the world – but where’s the best place to put it on your custom cap? Ideally, a hard logo or tagline would work best on the center front, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes a less obvious side position can get people’s attention. Alternatively, you can use a logo on the front and a smaller logo on the side. Do you need embroidered caps or trackers? At Singleprint, we are experts in headwear embroidery and can advise you on how to turn your ideas into reality.