Currently, the cult of self-expression of the individual reigns in our world.

Almost everyone makes a lot of effort, trying to stand out from the general mass of people, and the methods used for this are quite different.

How is it beneficial for a person to stand out from the crowd?

Someone, for example, dyes their hair in a bright color and constructs strange hairstyles, others make bright tattoos on their bodies, and some wear unusual original clothes.

Many people stand out through creativity – they write music, works, draw pictures, in which they reflect their vision of the world…

There are those who outwardly do not differ from others, but their originality is reproduced in the enrichment of their inner world. They read books, listen to unusual music, watch interesting films. And when you start a conversation with such a person, you understand that it is their spiritual component that sets them apart from others.

A great way to stand out from the crowd is a t-shirt with a popular quote from the book!

That is, as you can see, it is relatively easy to be a unique original and not a miserable copy – you need to choose the path you like and follow it confidently. 🙂 That is why today we will talk about an easy and interesting way of self-expression, which, in fact, is a mix of the techniques described above – it is the creation of a personal T-shirt with a print and a quote from a favorite book. By creating and wearing such a t-shirt, you can easily show your vision to the world and tell about your preferences.

Small but apt quotes will look very cool on such T-shirts. There are many such statements now, so we have selected the most interesting and popular ones for you.

Quotes about life and everything

A. Exupery’s “The Little Prince” is a real source of quotes about eternal themes.

“Only the heart is dusty. The most important thing you can’t see with your eyes”
“Each person has his own stars”
“There is no perfection in the world!”
“Words only hinder understanding”
Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” is not far behind:

“The more you learn right away, the less you suffer later”
“You are beautiful. Only smiles are missing.”
From O. Wilde’s book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” you can also get good ideas for the inscription:

“Everything can be survived except death”
“The only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it”
Ironic quotes are a great way to show your intelligence and sense of humor.

After reading the quote on your t-shirt “I’m fine. I’m just an introvert,” from the book by M.O. Laney “The Invincible Introvert,” your new acquaintances will know who they’re dealing with right away. 🙂

And here is a quote from Remarque’s “Black Obelisk” – What is the essence of life? “In eating, sleeping and loving” will show the world your true attitude to life

It’s easy to be original!

So, as you can see, with a cool and apt aphorism on a T-shirt, you can profitably stand out from the crowd, and we will gladly help you with this. Choose a T-shirt and an inscription, place an order and be yourself!

T-shirt print – a new way to say “I love you”

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to once again congratulate your significant other.

For a long time, this day has become one of the most important for those who are just starting to meet, for newlyweds, and people who have been together for more than one year and know what “love” is

In order to please loved ones, it is not necessary to buy expensive gifts. Valentine’s Day is exactly the occasion when the gift of emotions, attention and little things that are important only for your couple are more important!

What to give?

One such gift is a pair of T-shirts with a print. After all, it is not only a cute, but also a practical gift. Moreover, you, like no one else, know about the tastes of your significant other, and therefore you can easily choose the color of the T-shirt and the print to apply.
In addition, couple t-shirts are the best way for lovers to stand out and tell others that from now on they are a couple!
Do you think that a T-shirt is not quite an appropriate gift in the winter season? No problem! You can order sweatshirts with a print for lovers from us. It is for this occasion that we have selected the best prints for Valentine’s Day in our opinion, which you can easily use for your gift.
If you have your own vision of couple t-shirts or perhaps there are some funny moments that only your couple understands, at Single Print you can use the service of a designer. We will be happy to help you develop your personal drawing, which will be only for you and your partner!
Stop hiding your feelings! Feel free to talk about your love!