Summer is the season not only for vacations, but also for weddings. And therefore a great opportunity to get together with close friends and make your own version of a party like in the movie Hangover 🙂

Couples’ evening or bachelorette party – that’s what the occasions before the wedding are called – we advise you to go out in prepared outfits. We have prepared several options from us.

One of the most popular and democratic types of clothing are t-shirts, it is difficult to think of a more suitable outfit for a man. This type of party, which has become very popular in our country, cannot be boring and gloomy. So, the idea of ​​applying a print on a t-shirt in the form of funny inscriptions and drawings is one of the possibilities to make such meetings of the groom with friends fun and unforgettable.

The groom’s T-shirt should distinguish him among the company of participants. For this purpose, you can apply appropriate inscriptions, images or their combination on it.

The text, of course, should only be interesting, for example:

  • Today he is still single.
  • You are funny, but I want to get married.
  • An enviable groom.
  • Buhav Came to my senses. registry office
  • The groom is ready for family life.
  • The last night of freedom.
  • I can’t… I have a wedding soon.

T-shirt with a print for girls' parties 1

You can always order printing on T-shirts and other textile products at Singleprint. We will offer you various application technologies and help you choose a cool expression, and our designer will be happy to prepare individual prints for you, taking into account the theme of the party and the preferences of the “culprits” of the event.

At Singleprint, you can buy a black, gray and white men’s t-shirt, and we can also sew an individual t-shirt of an interesting style and color that suits you just for you and your company.

And in order for these products to become ideal for spending a couple’s evening, we will make an application that you choose, it can be:

  • direct digital;
  • thermal transfer;
  • sublimation;
  • silk screen;
  • flexo printing

In a product made by us, you will be able to prove that we know how to have fun no worse than they do in Vegas.

To order t-shirts for men and to apply all kinds of prints on them, you can get acquainted with prices and clothing options here, or see live examples of our work in the office: st. Turivska 4 (Kyiv, Podil, Tarasa Shevchenko).

There is a wider range of clothes for a bachelorette party. It can be anything, he dresses to a swimsuit. After all, girls pay more attention to their image than boys. The evening should be bright and unforgettable. To do this, you will need to choose interesting outfits, and the Singleprint company will help you here, where they will sew an interesting, personal image and print your idea on the clothes. Our project manager and designer are always at your service to realize your idea.

No matter how cool it is, the most practical and convenient addition to your bow will be a t-shirt that will suit any look. After all, it can be both a fitted standard T-shirt and a tailored T-shirt, for example, oversize.

T-shirt with a print for girls' parties 2

Freedom of style and freedom of cut, comfort and ease – the advantages of oversize clothing can be appreciated only after trying it on. For several seasons in a row, the trend for markedly loose, even baggy clothing is loyal to all types of figures. The oversize style has a magical ability: to hide extra kilograms in women generously gifted by nature, and at the same time to emphasize the fragility and grace of petite ladies. And you can also wear it both under sneakers and under elegant shoes. That’s why you definitely can’t go wrong with an oversize t-shirt individually tailored in Singleprint.

Having made the decision to wear unusual t-shirts for a bachelorette party, it is best that they be in a single style. This will add the image of a single team of bridesmaids. Anything can be depicted on t-shirts for a bachelorette party – inscriptions, prints, patterns that characterize this event.
Ideas for inscriptions can be diverse and individual, it all depends on your imagination, here are some examples:

  • We light it to full
  • Let’s break away! We are having a bachelorette party
  • The bride’s gang
  • Girlfriends of the bride
  • Girlfriends from the pot
  • She is getting married, and we have to wear these T-shirts
  • Looking for a prince and others

Today, thanks to direct digital and silk screen printing and other modern technologies, you can put absolutely any image on the fabric and make your clothes special. The pictures come out bright, saturated and practically long-lasting.