We often say that there are not many things…but there are times when it’s time to tidy up the closet. This is necessary in order to make room for a new, basic one, so that the question: “What to wear today?” does not arise. A special desire for change arises in the spring. Probably, inspired by the renewal in nature, you want something new.

But not everyone enjoys sorting through the closet: because it seems that all the things are needed and it would be a pity to say goodbye to at least one, maybe you will need it for a trip to the country (how often do you take it there?), or for a special occasion (the jacket that you you wear it for Aunt Lyuba’s birthday and never again, because it doesn’t go with anything in the closet). What excuses our brain does not invent! Therefore, we have put together some tips that will help you disassemble the closet, and not move all the things to new places.
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How to simplify sorting things out?

It is better to disassemble the summer and winter wardrobes separately, starting with those things that overlap in them. Most likely, this is a large part of your basic wardrobe, and this will require the most critical and fresh look.

Sort things into 4 groups at once: keep, give, throw away and put in order. Sometimes another group called “doubt” is formed. Go through it again when you’re done sorting things, or keep it but keep it separate. If in a year you don’t remember the things that are in it, then the doubts were unnecessary – give it away.

When examining things with holes and stains, answer yourself honestly whether it is realistic to wash them or carefully sew them up and whether you will do it. This especially applies to underwear, socks and tights.

Leave the shoes for last. Having refreshed your memory of the entire contents of your wardrobe, it will be easier for you to understand which shoes you absolutely need.

Accessories usually do not take up much space, but they can also accumulate uncomfortably much. Here, the main thing is to organize the storage correctly, so that it does not turn out that you would have worn this cute pendant or elegant scarf if you knew they existed.

While cleaning, you may notice things that you are missing, we advise you to write them down for future reference.

What to do with the things you refuse?

At the end of the cleaning, you will have to make a decision to “throw away”, it is best if it is environmentally friendly.

We provide a great opportunity to give clothes a second life with the help of creative solutions that we can implement using the thermal transfer film method. Have you accidentally put a stain on your favorite hoodie? There is no need to give it up, we can easily mask the stain with a creative print. If you bought a product a long time ago and are tired of wearing it? Change the appearance with a print and extend its life for a long time.

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If you are eco-friendly, you can, for example, hand in things and give them a new life. 95% of clothing that ends up in landfill can be reused or recycled. When you give things away, you extend their life and contribute to the future of our environment.

You can also sell things in good condition, so they will find new owners and be useful, or offer things to relatives, friends, etc.