T-shirts are one of the few items of clothing in which we can show individuality, express our views and just have fun. You don’t need expensive printing machines or any crafting skills at home, with minimal time and effort you can make your own t-shirt in no time, which is actually pretty easy to decorate.
In this article, we tried to answer customers’ questions about how to make a print on things at home. We have prepared several options.

Draw a picture with felt-tip pens

You can buy special felt-tip pens for drawing on fabrics, they are available at any art store. We tested this method – it looks interesting. The main thing is to choose the appropriate colors and fasten (stretch the product) before painting.
Prepare a drawing or a picture that you will draw, you can practice beforehand on plain paper. You can also use paint, but there is a greater chance of dirtying the furniture at home and it is more difficult to apply if you are doing it for the first time.

Draw a picture with felt-tip pens 1

Thermal transfer (flex film)

You can order blanks for thermal transfer from us here and transfer the film to the product at home.
Applying a picture is simple: we take the mirrored image, place the picture in the right place and iron it with an iron (1-2 minutes, it depends on the size of the picture). Let it cool and the print is ready.

Thermal transfer 2

Dyeing in the style of tie-dye

The most popular way when you want to dye things at home is Tie-Dye. Before delving into the process itself, you need to choose a suitable foundation. Not every t-shirt is suitable for dyeing with this technique.
As you can see, white fabrics are best suited. No other material can better highlight the individual colors of the dye.
We also recommend using 100% cotton t-shirts. You can choose quality products here. Cotton absorbs color well and keeps it even after multiple washes. Choosing clothes not made of cotton (synthetics), there is a risk that the clothes will quickly lose color. Also, it should go without saying that the tai dai effect is not eternal.
On the Internet, there are many videos on how to make a tie-dye t-shirt step by step.

Dyeing in the style of tie-dye 3

How to make a children’s drawing in an original way?

If you have a ready-made drawing of a child, you can print his photo by direct digital printing. To do this, you need to scan it and correct the picture.

How to make a children's drawing in an original way 3